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Did You Know? NYS Sparkling Devices Regulatory "Patchwork" elimination passes Legislature

Senate Bill # S724A and Assembly Bill # A2290C ) that relates to authorizing the sale and possession of sparkling devices outside of N.Y. City passed both houses of the NYS legislature mid June. The next step ... Governors approval.  

The purpose of this bill is to eliminate the regulatory "patchwork" that presently exists with counties in New York State by exempting "sparkling devices" from the definition of "fireworks" and "dangerous fireworks" in those counties that have not previously opted by local law pursuant to paragraph (b) of subdivision five of section 405.00 of chapter 477. N

Legislative "Sponsors Memo"

This bill is aimed at eliminating the regulatory confusion regarding local laws pertaining to "sparkling devices" on behalf of law enforcement personnel and the citizens of New York State. Currently, New York State law permits each county to decide whether or not to exempt "sparkling devices" from the definition of "fireworks" and "dangerous fireworks." This has resulted in a regulatory "patchwork" of local laws since some counties have not made a decision either way. This makes it difficult for law enforcement personnel and citizens to have a clear understanding of the law. This bill seeks to remedy this regulatory "patchwork" of local laws.