The Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York, a not-for-profit corporation, works to improve the fiscal responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness of the fire district management through education, training and advocacy for commissioners and other fire district officials in the 57 counties outside of the City of New York.

AFDSNY Proclaims May 2108 As Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month is an international campaign held each year during the month of May to raise awareness about building safety and the importance of current safety codes and the role of code officials in creating safe, sustainable structures that communities can rely on for generations to come. 

This year’s 2018 Theme “Building Codes Save Lives”, encourages all Americans to raise awareness of the importance of building safe and resilient construction; fire prevention; disaster mitigation, and new technologies in the construction industry. Building safety Month 2018 encourages appropriate steps everyone can take to ensure that the places where we live, learn, work, worship and play are safe, and recognizes that countless lives that have been saved as a result of the implementation of safety codes by local and state agencies.

“Building Safety Month also brings attention to issues that are not regularly considered unless disaster strikes. Modern codes and standards incorporate the latest technology and provide the safest, most resilient structures for our families and communities to protect against building failures, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, high-rise fires and other modern-day disasters,” 

The AFDSNY encourages Fire District Officials and emergency service organizations to take a moment to read read the Associations Building Safety Month Proclamation and to promote and participate in your local Building Safety Month activities,  

Click the link below to read, print or download the AFDSNY Proclomation

Weekly themes throughout the month will spotlight these specific areas of building safety. 

  • Week One (May 1-5): Partnering with Code Officials to Build Stronger, Safer Communities
  • Week Two (May 6-12): Advancing Resilient Communities Through Science & Technology
  • Week Three (May 13-19): Protecting Communities from Disasters
  • Week Four (May 20-26): Safeguarding Our Water
  • Week Five (May 27-31): Improving Education & Training Standards for a Safer Tomorrow