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Action Needed! - Amendment to the cancer legislation

FASNY's 2019 Legislative Priorities as well as the AFDSNY include an amendment to the presumptive cancer law that clarifies who must be covered and what documentation is necessary. 


As local departments have been working to implement the program and secure coverage for their members, a technical issue has arisen. There is a true need for an alternate documentation of eligibility. Departments have had records lost or destroyed over the years due to relocation or changes in department organization. Additionally, older interior firefighters may not have been required to take a fit test as currently required, precluding from the statute those potentially most exposed to toxins over their volunteer history. This legislation would deem as sufficient proof a signed statement from the firefighter’s department Chief or the authority having jurisdiction’s Chief Administrative Officer which attests to said firefighter’s compliance with the eligibility requirements.


This amendment is necessary to ensure all members receive the coverage they need.


The Senate version of the legislation (S.4173, sponsored by Senator Jim Gaughran) was favorably passed by the NYS Senate Standing Committee on Local Government in early April, and is now waiting on the calendar to be passed on the floor.


The Assembly version (A.5957, sponsored by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther) is still in the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Local Governments. 


Now is the time to express to legislators how crucial this amendment is in securing coverage.


We need everybody to write their assembly member and show that this matters to us. Let's make sure everyone who should be covered is covered.

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