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It’s time to report – 2019 Vol. Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Benefits Program (updated)

The Volunteer Firefighters Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits program mandates that fire districts, departments or companies report to the office of fire prevention and control, no later than December 1, 2019 and annually thereafter, on the claims and benefits payments for the reporting year using forms prescribed by the office for fire prevention and control as well as filing the "Annual Roster of Interior Firefighters" report.

Annual reporting filing forms can be found directly at the OFPC website here: OFPC REPORTING FORMS

Please note that both completed forms must be received by OFPC before December 1, 2019.
Both forms can be emailed to vfecdb@dhses.ny.gov or mailed to OFPC at the State Office Campus, 1220 Washington Ave, Building 7A, Albany, NY 12226

The first mandated reporting form “Fire District, Department, or Company Annual Claims Report” (EOSB-210.8c) must be completed and submitted regardless if your organization submitted claims or members received program benefits in 2019. If your organization had no claims or received no benefits, enter “0” in each “Type of Claims” and “Type of Cancer” boxes. This report requires notarization before submission.

The second mandated reporting form is the “Annual Roster of Interior Firefighters” (EOSB-210.8r) which must be completed and submitted to OFPC for all Interior Firefighters that were covered by your organization during 2019. Firefighter information can be filed using either the OFPC form fill pdf version document or the using the provided Microsoft excel spreadsheet version of the form that are both found at OFPC link above.

IMPORTANT:  The "Annual Roster of Interior Firefighters" reporting form requires that each firefighter listed have a NYS OFPC Student ID Number.

To obtain a roster of members who have previously taken classes the Chief or Training Officer may submit a request to OFPC and the roster provided will include the members name and ID#.

To obtain a new student ID for any member that does not have an ID or has never taken a class from OFPC. A
A "Student Data Sheet" request form (EOSB-601) will need to be completed first to obtain a new Student Identification Number. The form can be found at the OFPC link above. The document can be submitted online or printed; scanned  and emailed to: ofpc.training@dhses.ny.gov. Please submit ID request forms as early as possible so you don't miss the Dec. 01, 2019 deadline.  
REMINDER:  January 1, 2020 is the deadline for filing your organizations 2020 Volunteer Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits Program Attestation / Proof Of Benefits” form (EOSB - 210.5). The form can be completed and submitted online to: vfecdb@dhses.ny.gov or by postal mail to: New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Office of Fire Prevention and Control Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Benefits, Attn: Standards Unit, 1220 Washington Avenue, Building 7A, Floor 2 • Albany, NY 12226-9801
For more information about the The Volunteer Firefighters Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits program, including reporting forms can also be found on the AFDSNY website using this link: