Does Your County or Region Have a Fire District Association?

"Whenever members of the fire service or any discipline get together, they begin to discuss the challenges that affect them and their operations.  Let's face it, fire district officers have a variety of challenges to choose from; especially financial, human resource, day to day operations, government oversight, training, standards and we could go on.

When the group comes together there is never a lack of subjects to talk about and when "group think" gets engaged we can not only commiserate but we might just find a solution to the challenge that we are facing.

Associations groups are individuals who typically share a similar interest, in our case governing a fire service organization, which gather either formally or informally to discuss ideas, solve problems, to make comments and most importantly share information; as long as there is communication everything can be solved.

If fire district officers gather together on a regular basis to share information it would be a huge step."

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