Gov. Signs Bill to Raise Compensation for Fire District Election Officials

On August 2, 2021 Governor Cuomo signed A6296 (Griffin)/ S4064 (Gaughran) into law as Chapter 347 of the Laws of 2021. This amendment of Town Law §175 increases the compensation permitted for fire district election board members. It increases the maximum pay for the chairmen, election inspectors and ballot clerks for fire district elections from $35 for a three-hour election and $50 for a longer election previously capped to an increased sum not to exceed $70 for a three hour election and $100 for a longer election. This is an amendment to Section 175 of Town Law and took effect immediately upon the Governor's signing.

Bill Sponsor’s Justification:

Election inspectors and ballot clerks perform essential duties to main-tain the integrity of an election. It is important they are fairly compensated. Currently, fire Districts are limited to paying election workers $35 and $50 for the entire day, depending on the number of hours worked.

Compensation rates for general election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators are set by Individual County or village legislative bodies. However, New York City's election inspector and coordinators minimum pay rates are set in statute at $130 and $200 respectively.

This legislation would allow fire districts to compensate election officials at a fair rate and provide parity to these workers with general election workers.

At the current rates, most individuals who work fire district elections do not even make minimum wage. This legislation would give the Board of Fire Commissioners the ability to pay a maximum of $70 or $100, depending on the length of time worked.