We would like to take this opportunity to again mention that Fire District Affairs will be transitioning from a paper print addition to both electronic email and digital pdf editions of your bi-monthly Association’s newsletter.
The Association will continue sending member districts and municipal members "one" paper print copy of each issue, but we are discontinuing the practice of sending five copies of the print publication in each mailing package. Reducing reliance on a paper edition is not only environmentally friendly but will enable the Association to reduce ever increasing printing and postage costs along with postal mail disruptions.
Officers of our member districts that have registered to obtain Member Center log-in credentials to our website can access each digital pdf issue online in the Member Center under the Fire District Affairs tab. This tab also enables you to access current year and past years issues along with a table of contents that will help you find articles in prior issues of the publication. The available pdf files can be viewed, printed or downloaded from the Member Center.
If your district and all district officials have website credentials you will also receive the issues in your email inbox. Email editions may also contain additional detail information not published in the print edition since there are no paper print edition limitations.
We are hopeful that members will find the availability of the electronic / digital copy more convenient. If you are a member of the Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York, you can receive Fire District Affairs right in your own email inbox. If you are not currently receiving Fire District Affairs by email please contact Katie Niver by email at ,provide your Districts name and a valid district email address and she will add you to our database so that you receive each edition of Fire District Affairs by email.
If you are an officer of a district that is not a member and your district would like to join our Association to be able to gain access to the Fire District Affairs newsletters, simply go to our website at and click on the “Member Center”. Then click on the “Member Center Registration” tab and you will be guided though process to join our Association