The Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York held its Annual Meeting at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, New York this past week. At the business portion of the meeting held on Friday, May 19th a new slate of officers was elected to serve the Association for the coming year. President Donald Corkery, 1st Vice President Joseph Badala and 2nd Vice President David Denniston were elected in uncontested elections and now take over in these leadership positions for the coming year. In accordance with procedures under the Association By-Laws, the body authorized the Secretary-Treasurer to cast one vote for each officer thereby electing them to their offices.  At an evening reception they took their oaths of office with the assistance of Assemblyman Joseph DeStefano.

On Friday afternoon the membership voted on By-Law amendments that had been proposed by the Board of Directors. The membership approved a By-Law amendment that changes the date which county and regional associations must advise the Board of Directors of their intention to conduct local elections for their regional directors from December 15th to January 15th by a vote of 101 members in favor and 47 members opposed. By-law amendments require a two thirds vote in favor of the members voting in order to pass.

Also, on the docket for that By-Law amendment vote was a By-Law amendment which would permit members to vote on matters before the assembly by proxy. The amendment would have permitted members to have the choice to vote in person at the Annual Meeting or by proxy voting. That amendment failed to pass as the vote on that amendment resulted in 74 members voting in favor and 74 members voting against the amendment. The amendment failed to pass because it did not attain the two thirds vote in favor required under the By-Laws.

A more thorough summary of the Annual Meeting will be published in the June-July issue of Fire District Affairs.